Fertility Tourism Associated With Several Risks

by Rajashri on Jul 15 2009 10:38 PM

Dr Alistair McKelvey, of the foetal medicine unit at the University College Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in London and colleagues have warned that women traveling abroad to avail fertility treatments face several risks.

Dr McKelvey said that the concept of fertility tourism was an "under recognized and unregulated phenomenon that is likely to increase" as the technology becomes "possibly more attractive outside the UK".

The researchers are calling on the government to undertake an effort to standardize treatments across several countries so that the quality is not compromised.

"We are concerned because these pregnancies are often very high-risk and present the NHS with considerable challenges in the care of mother and babies," Dr McKelvey said. "Couples are understandably desperate to have children and may think that these treatments are a quick-fix or a good bargain, without considering the potential adverse outcomes."

The study also said that most pregnancies that resulted in the delivery of viable triplets had been initiated after fertility treatment abroad.