Fertility Rate Linked to Television Ownership and Media Exposure

by Kathy Jones on May 14 2013 11:46 PM

 Fertility Rate Linked to Television Ownership and Media Exposure
A new study conducted by a Stanford University researcher suggests that television and internet could be the reason why fertility rates are dropping across the world.
Martin Lewis analyzed the changing birth rates of nations and compared them with television ownership and exposure to media. He found that not only do birth rates fall with exposure to TV and internet, there is a decrease in domestic violence and gender biases with regards to babies as well.

Dr Lewis picked India as the best example that supports his case, stating that the map that displays prevalence of television ownership in the country is very similar to the fertility map. Dr Lewis added that this was not limited just to India, but to other countries as well.

Stating that television provides a new picture of modern middle class families with fewer children, Dr Lewis said, “Television depresses fertility because many of its offerings provide a model of middle class families successfully grappling with the transition from tradition to modernity, helped by the fact that they have few children to support. In regard to India ... (scholars)... argue persuasively that television works this magic mostly by enhancing the social position of women.”


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