FDA to Look into Codeine Child Death Cases

by Kathy Jones on Aug 16 2012 7:03 PM

 FDA to Look into Codeine Child Death Cases
The US Food and Drug Administration confirmed that it is looking into the case of three children who died and another child who developed serious breathing problem after being given pain reliever codeine following surgeries to remove their tonsils or adenoids.
The health agency said that all of the children were given a normal dose but added that parents and caregivers should be aware of the symptoms and warning signs that may suggest that their children may be experiencing an overdose of codeine.

“The FDA is currently conducting a review of adverse event reports and other information to determine if there are additional cases of inadvertent overdose or death in children taking codeine, and if these adverse events occur during treatment of other kinds of pain, such as post-operative pain following other types of surgery or procedures”, Bob Rappaport, from FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, said.


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