by Kathy Jones on  March 30, 2012 at 9:45 PM Lifestyle News
 Fat Lady Seeks Government Aid for surgery
In a bizarre development, a British woman wants the government to pay 14,000 pounds for her gastric band surgery as she is too fat to earn.

Weighing 33 stone (about 210 kg), Sara Agintas, who once used to splash out 200 pounds a week on takeaways, already receives 17,000 pounds a year in benefits. But she says she now requires the taxpayers' help, the Sun reported.

Agintas, 43, of Buckinghamshire's Milton Keynes town, says: "I can't work because I'm too fat to fit in an office chair and can only stand for two minutes at a time.

"I can't afford a personal trainer or weight-loss surgery - I need help from the taxpayer.

After she fell through the floor of her home, doctors advised Agintas to diet but it felt "too hard" to her. The mother of six partly blames her whopping weight on junk food cravings during her pregnancies.

Source: IANS

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