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Factors That Lead to Hip Fracture Among Postmenopausal Women Identified
Scientists have listed 11 factors that will help doctors predict if a postmenopausal woman is going to suffer hip fractures over a period of five years.

A hip fracture is a common injury for elderly people. A broken hip can lead to more serious problems, even death. For older women, a hip fracture can mean continuing ill health.

A team led by John Robbins, of the internal medicine department at the University Of California School Of Medicine, has identified the factors which they say can give information if a woman is going to have a hip fracture within the next five years.

The 11 reasons chosen were validated on 68,132 women and tested in 10,750 women, reported health portal HealthDay.

The factors that help predict the fracture include age, self-reported health, weight, height, race and ethnicity, self-reported physical activity and history of fracture after the age of 54.

Besides, it includes parental history of hip fracture, current smoking, current corticosteroid use and treated diabetes.

The model still needs to be tested in diverse populations, the researchers pointed out in their findings. And it doesn't identify which woman would benefit from which specific prevention measures, they said.

"However, the researchers believe that the 11 readily available clinical variables offer a simple means of classifying the five-year risk of hip fracture in postmenopausal women.

Source: IANS

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