by Kathy Jones on  August 30, 2010 at 11:08 PM Diet & Nutrition News
 Extra Healthy Apples may Soon Hit Markets
The genetic code for Golden Delicious apples has been cracked by scientists, who are now well on the way to creating extra healthy apples.

The slow growth of the apple tree means that farmers are only able to know if their plants are indeed the best only after 8 years. With this research it may be possible to get healthy apples on the market in not time.

"We will be able to identify the genes which control the characteristics that our sensory scientists have identified as most desired by consumers - crispiness, juiciness and flavour," said researcher Roger Hellens of New Zealand firm Plant & Food Research.

The Daily Mail reports that some 60 million tonnes of apples are grown across the world each year. Thanks to this new breakthrough, farmers can actually breed juicier apples. The research effort is detailed in the journal Nature Genetics

Source: Medindia

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