by Kathy Jones on  July 11, 2014 at 11:19 PM Child Health News
 Experts Warn Parents About Dangers of Loom Bands
Health experts are warning parents that Loom Band could pose a serious health risk to their children and have asked them to ensure their kids' safety.

The warning comes after Kyle Lawrence, of Cleethorpes, was left blinded in an eye after his brother used one of the bands to ping him in the eye. Another child reportedly fell asleep with the band tied around his finger, which quickly turned blue though his mother was able to remove the band in time to prevent any permanent damage.

Concerned parents hope that the bands will soon be carrying safety warnings while health experts say that they pose a risk not just to children but to pets as well.

Says Anna Cabrera, executive director of PAWS, "As the rubber band bracelet craze hits the country, we urge fans to remember that these loom bands could spell danger for pets and should be handled with care to prevent pet injuries".

Source: Medindia

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