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 Experts Warn Kids Against Using New 3D Games Console
Experts have raised health concerns over the new 3D games console that creates 3D images without the need for glasses and goes on sale in Japan this week.

The Nintendo 3DS promises unique 'eye-popping' entertainment, but ends up giving nausea, sore eyes and dizzying headaches, reports the Independent.

Already it carries a list of health warnings, including guidance that the device should not be played in 3D by children under the age of six and that users should "stop playing at once" if their physical condition worsens.

Ahead of its launch in Britain in March, Larry Benjamin, of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, said, "It's remarkable 3D, but it's fairly dependent on your position. If you're just five degrees off, it doesn't quite work, which is tiring for the eyes... you continually have to readjust to 3D vision and that's making me feel a bit queasy. I think it's fair to warn people they may experience eyestrain, double vision or difficulty focusing. I think it'd be sensible to do longer-term trials on it."

The 3D in the new console works without glasses by presenting slightly different images to each eye, tricking the brain into seeing depth. Nintendo advises people to hold the device square on to avoid the 3D slipping in and out, but users say it's difficult to maintain when playing.

Josh McSmith, aged 13, tried out the new device and after five minutes had to stop. "It started giving me a headache and I felt sick. I wouldn't recommend it, no, it just hurts my eyes."

Meanwhile, a Nintendo spokesman said, "The advice for Nintendo 3DS is the same as for all gaming, which is to take regular breaks... we are not aware of reports of people having problems. It is possible to adjust the level of 3D on the console allowing each user to select the ideal depth of 3D for them."

Source: ANI

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