by Rukmani Krishna on  March 28, 2013 at 11:04 PM Senior Health News
 Experts Have Produced The First Step-by-step Guide to Deal With Dementia
A step-by-step guide for patients to living with dementia was produced by experts at Alzheimer's Society.

They said that tens of thousands of Alzheimer's sufferers are being placed into care far too early and instead should be cared for at home, the Daily Express reported.

Research showed that the vast majority of the ones who are suffering with the condition want to stay in the comfort of a loving home environment for as long as possible.

But in many cases their care takers - nearly always spouses or family members - are simply too overwhelmed.

Alzheimer's Society chief executive Jeremy Hughes said that by seeking support early, people living with dementia may avoid reaching a crisis point unnecessarily which results in them moving into long-term care.

The never-before-produced document gives helpful suggestions about coming to terms with dementia and where their loved ones can seek help.

It has been published in the hope that thousands of sufferers can continue living at home with their family with dignity.

The checklist in the guide urges families of newly-diagnosed sufferers to research the condition, talk to family and pals about the disease and accept offers of help.

Source: ANI

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