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 Experts Call to Cut Speed and Drink Driving to Reduce Road Accidents
Doctors today welcomed the launch of the DOE consultation on a new road safety strategy.

Dr Paul Darragh, Chairman of the BMA's Northern Ireland Council said,

"Doctors deal with the horrific aftermath of road traffic accidents on a daily basis, and believe that a new road safety strategy is important to continue to build on what has already been achieved.

"We would like to see continued progress, with further measures taken in order to reduce fatalities and serious injuries on our roads, including the introduction of more speed cameras, traffic calming and 20mph speed zones in towns, especially in residential areas.

"Furthermore, reducing the maximum blood alcohol level for drivers from 80mgs to the European norm of 50mgs and the introduction of random breath testing would dramatically reduce alcohol related road traffic accidents."

Dr Darragh concluded,

"The targets for young people are to be particularly welcomed. BMA(NI) would like to see alcohol and drug awareness programmes become part of passing a driving test.

"BMA(NI) is looking forward to working with Environment Minister Edwin Poots to make our roads safer".

Source: BMA

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