Expert Says High Salt Levels in Cheese Unhealthy

by Kathy Jones on Aug 7 2014 11:29 PM

 Expert Says High Salt Levels in Cheese Unhealthy
A British nutrition expert has hit out at some of the most popular cheese brands in the country, claiming that they should stop ‘dragging their feet’ on the issue of salt reduction after a recent study found that some of the popular dishes, such as Gourmet halloumi and French blue cheese, contain more salt than sea water.
Researchers led by Dr Kawther Hashem, from Queen Mary University of London, analyzed data of a previous survey carried out by Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) in 2012. A detailed analysis revealed that branded cheese contained higher levels of salt compared to supermarket’s own in-house cheese.

“Big brands need to stop dragging their heels and catch with the supermarkets, or they will be left behind. It’s worth looking at the label and choosing a lower salt and fat version of your favorite cheese, or better yet, to eat very small amounts”, Dr Hashem said.