by Kathy Jones on  August 18, 2014 at 11:00 PM Women Health News
 Expert Highlights Reasons for PMS
Premenstrual tension is nature's way for women to get rid of their infertile male partners, says a medical expert.

According to the controversial new claim, PMS is nature's way of making women unbearable to live with, thereby ridding themselves of an infertile male to clear the way for new partner to increase their chances of passing on their DNA, reported.

Explaining the depressing ten days before a period that most women abhor, Professor Michael Gillings, from Macquarie University's Department of Biological Sciences, said that the frequency of PMS in the modern world arose "because of a mismatch between our evolutionary history and current cultural conditions".

He added that as 80 percent of women have PMS, it is not a disease or syndrome, but a normal consequence of evolutionary adaptation "similar to morning sickness".

He further said that the rise of PMS is a consequence of our control over our reproduction not as a consequence of infertility.

The study is published in journal Evolutionary Applications.

Source: ANI

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