by Medindia Content Team on  October 30, 2007 at 3:11 PM General Health News
Everyone is Beautiful in the Eye of the Beholder Who's Drunk
Downing some units of alcoholic beverages may make you feel that you are being accompanied by the most gorgeous partner, even though the person with you is very ugly, warns a leaflet from the National Health Service (NHS).

The leaflet, which is part of a Government drive to stop binge drinking, also suggests that drinking may also be a cause of impotency amongst men.

"That person you're pulling might look gorgeous after a few drinks. But what about in the morning?" the Mirror quoted the booklet for doctors' surgeries, schools and libraries as saying.

"Over time, heavy drinking can lead to impotency, smaller genitals and a lower sperm count," it adds.

However, a spokeswoman for Liberal Democrats, Jo Swinson, has branded the leaflet "ridiculous". "This is what happens when civil servants in Whitehall try to write in a way which they know nothing about," she said.

A senior Department of Health source said, on the other hand maintained: "It is important we try to address people in the language they understand."

Source: ANI

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