by Rukmani Krishna on  December 11, 2013 at 11:46 PM Research News
 Ever Wondered If You Could Find A Substitute For Eggs? A New 'Food-Tech' Start-Up Is Trying To Find A Substitute  For Eggs
Eggs are something that a lot of us like, but what about the vegetarians and vegans who'd like to have an egg but can't? Worry no more, since a new food technology start-up plans to find a substitute for eggs.

The 'Hampton Creek Foods' is looking for plants that can replace chicken eggs in all recipes and has already launched its first product, which is an egg-free mayonnaise, now sold at Whole Foods Markets, reported.

The San Francisco startup backed by Bill Gates said that they are looking for a replacement as the egg industry pollutes the environment, causes disease outbreaks and confines chickens to tiny spaces.

Source: ANI

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