European Union Unhappy With Pakistan's Marital Law Obligation

by Jayashree on Sep 8 2007 1:01 PM

A visiting delegation of the European Union (EU) has warned that the imposition of marital law in Pakistan would be disastrous, and the country would head nowhere after it.

“It would be a very serious concern for us if emergency is imposed, whereas martial law would be disastrous,” the Daily Times quoted Jan De Kok, Ambassador of a European Union to Pakistan, as saying.

“If emergency is imposed on the basis of current political developments, it will save only a few people, which cannot be welcomed,” Kok added.

Commenting on the Musharraf’s uniform, he said that the General should doff his uniform “as soon as possible because it is not good for Pakistan’s image”.

Kok went on to say that Musharraf “promised to shed his uniform in 2004 too, but did not fulfil his promise. I hope this time he will abide by the constitution” and would resign from the post of General before November 15.

When asked what stand would the EU take if Musharraf did not doff his uniform, Kok said, “I can’t tell you right away what our reaction will be because it depends on the circumstances.”

Talking about the return of former Prime Ministers Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif, he said, “They should come back to their people. If there are cases against them, then they should defend themselves in the courts.”

On reports that the Musharraf’s regime would not allow Sharif to come back, Kok said: “The Supreme Court’s ruling on the issue is very clear. The only option for the government is to comply with the ruling.”

The EU would send a delegation of 130 observers to monitor the process for the forthcoming general elections, he said.

The delegation would arrive in three groups. The first group of would reach Pakistan two months before the elections, while the second and third groups would arrive four to six weeks, and 10 days before the elections, respectively, Kok added.