by Kathy Jones on  August 28, 2010 at 9:28 PM Cancer News
 Esophageal Cancer Numbers Doubled Over Last Decade
Figures released by a cancer association reveals that the number of cases of esophageal cancer almost doubled in the last three decades among men in Britain compared to just an eight percent rise in women.

Around 2,600 men were diagnosed with the cancer among men back in 1983 compared to more than 5100 cases in 2007. The figures revealed by Cancer Research UK also showed an increase of more than 67 percent men who were in their 50s.

According to Professor Janusz Jankowski who worked on the study, one of the major reasons for the disparity of the figures among the sexes was the fact that men's diet included a bigger portion of fatty food compared to women.

"They tend to eat more fatty foods and less fruit and veg. Both of those things increase reflux disease, where acid comes up from the stomach", he said, adding that the rise in the number of cases could be directly attributed to the increasing rate of obesity among the population.


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