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Eman Ahmad Touches Her Face With Own Hand
Eman Ahmad was transported from her home in Alexandria to Mumbai in a cargo plane. During her journey a special bed was used to make her more comfortable.

The flight was also equipped with everything required in case of an emergency. This is her first trip away from home in last 25 years. At the Mumbai airport, Eman was lifted by a crane from the plane and placed in a mini truck for the hospital. The truck was followed by an ambulance and a police escort till the hospital.

She is on the path of recovery, doctors at Saifee Hospital said on Sunday. Dr Muffazal Lakdwala, under whom Eman is undergoing her weight-loss treatment, said that physiotherapy is working on the 37-year-old and she was able to touch her face with her hand last week. Eman even blew a kiss to her doctor, reported Zee News.

The Egyptian woman, weighing nearly 500 kg, has lost more than 150 kg post her treatment at Saifee.

Earlier this month, she underwent her first bariatric surgery at the hospital in a process termed laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. The procedure consists of reducing the stomach by 75 percent and leaving behind a narrow "sleeve" of the stomach for digesting food.

Last month, doctors in the hospital had put Eman on a high protein and fibre diet to reduce water retention in her body. Water consisited for 70 to 100 kgs of her total weight. Since arrival, Eman has lost almost 120 kgs due to strict 1200-calorie every day diet which doctors have kept her on.

Source: Medindia

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