Electronic Contact Lens to Monitor Blood Sugar

by Sheela Philomena on Jan 9 2012 4:32 PM

 Electronic Contact Lens to Monitor Blood Sugar
Researchers at Microsoft are in the process of developing electronic contact lenses with glucose sensor to monitor sugar levels wirelessly.
The initiative by Microsoft Research and the University of Washington, would be a big help to people with Type I diabetes patients, who must keep a check on their blood sugar on a daily basis by actually drawing blood several times a day.

Although tear film can show blood sugar levels but getting it from the eye is extremely difficult.

A contact lens designed to analyze enzymes from glucose in tears could solve that problem.

"Professor Zhang's lab has been largely using nanostructured optical probes embedded in hydrophilic hydrogen lenses, and they've had some successes recently," Discovery News quoted Microsoft Researcher Desney Tan as telling Gizmag.

"As the enzyme interacts with the tear fluid, specific measurements are made by observing the change in current measured by bio-compatible electrodes on the contact lens," Tan added.