Electronic Cigarettes Hoodwinks Indoor Smoking Bans

by VR Sreeraman on Nov 16 2007 3:48 PM

An electronic cigarette has come to the rescue of smokers in countries where, even indoor lighting is banned. The latest vogue in the UK is the battery-powered cigarette might be the answer to indoor smoking bans.

The new cigarette is designed in such a way that smokers would get their nicotine kick through an atomiser, which creates puffs of vapour to resemble cigarette smoke.

Chinese exporter Ruyan has claimed that the new butt was not only a nicotine replacement but it was a smoking alternative. The e-cigarette can be bought over the Internet and is widely available throughout Europe.

"The e-cigarette is a hi-tech product developed by Ruyan to provide smokers with a clean alternative to smoking," quoted the company's website, as stating. "It has no tar, no carbon monoxide and no cancer-causing chemicals,” the website stated.

The cigarette can last up to 350 drags - the equivalent of 30 smokes, and lights up red at the tip. It comes in varying strengths, from 16mg to 0mg, for smokers trying to kick the habit.

However it is not a cheap device, a starter pack costs 358 dollars. NSW Health has confirmed smokers could use the device inside pubs and clubs, as it technically does not breach the indoor smoking ban.

"The Smoke Free Environment Act 2000 deals with products capable of being ignited and smoked in the traditional sense. As such, use of this product is unlikely to be in breach of the Act," a spokeswoman said.