Educational Apps Developed for Children Make Learning Fun

by Hannah Joy on Dec 2 2016 3:21 PM

Educational Apps Developed for Children Make Learning Fun
TV programs and video games play a major role in the development of a child. Parents are concerned not just about their child’s growth in terms of education, but also their logical and imaginative capabilities.
Today’s kids are getting smarter, younger. Children are now becoming adept in using smart phones and tablets; tapping on apps, making phone calls, watching videos and even playing games with their nibble fingers. However, it is essential that parents monitor the kind of content children access and also introduce the child to appropriate child-friendly, educative content.

As a parent, one should strive to find the areas children are strongest in and harness their talents further. It is very important to address their weaknesses if any.

Educational apps could be an excellent tool in the present age, where children can learn while having fun. Using the right apps give children the chance to explore both their logical and imaginative capabilities.

LIV Kids- Sony Pictures Networks India has launched LIV Kids, which will offer content specially designed for children. Produced in-house by SonyLIV, the content currently includes popular nursery rhymes. LIV Kids, according to a statement, will also introduce engaging and entertaining content for kids in the future.

AppyStore- If one is looking for a daily dose of edutainment content to engage your child after school, then you're in for a treat! AppyStore, India's first subscription-based curated edutainment service for kids, has announced the launch of its premium mobile app. The app has videos handpicked by experts for children between 1.5 to 8 years, integrating holistic learning with limitless fun. So be it nursery rhymes or videos on nature and science, parents can now ensure that their child gets a secure environment to develop and hone life skills, communication ability and learning proficiency, all in one!

YouTube Kids- The official YouTube Kids app is designed for curious little minds. The app was announced recently and has come as a welcome surprise. Considering the app is designed for kids, it is extremely simple to navigate. Kids can discover videos, channels, and playlists they love through the app. Kids can enjoy multiple cartoons like Thomas & Friends, apps-based content like DreamworksTV and Talking Tom, online hits like Mother Goose Club, nursery rhymes, and songs plus anything else they're into - sports, animals, gaming, crafts and more.

NexGTV Kids- Think childhood and you instantly think of story-telling! Indian children have quite a treasure-trove of stories which teach them a lot of morals along with entertainment. Even as adults, we smile when we recall the days when we would immerse ourselves in Tales of Panchtantra, the delightful to-and-fro witty conversations between Vikram & Betal, the goofiness, and adventure of Ducktales or the heart-warming stories from Malgudi Days. In the digital craze, a lot of these simple stories which come from the heart are missed out. In a bid to ensure that the upcoming, digital-first generation does not miss out on these entertaining yet educative shows, India's first kids' video and infotainment app have designed the nexGTv Kids App which brings together the best of stories for kids.

Nick App- Which child does not know or like Nickelodeon. Nick app brings the best of Nickelodeon to your smartphone and tablet. The Nick app for Android puts the best of Nickelodeon at your fingertips. Hilarious videos, games, recent full episodes and more! So have fun, play around, watch shows, and prepare to laugh until you snarf milk from your nose. The app is especially great if your child is creative as it not only shows videos but also has some great DIY options. With the vacation season just ending, the craze for studies hasn't begun yet and children are still in their experimental, vacation mode. This can be a great time to introduce them to arts and crafts using the DIYs as a hobby and also, help them unleash their creativity!