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 Economics Students Top The Sex Chart With Maximum Partners
A survey has found that the economics students are the most promiscuous students on campus.

Though traditionally seen as dull but among the most hardworking students in any institute, economics undergraduates have been found to have nearly five sexual partners since starting university classes.

A survey of 4,656 undergraduates from 100 British universities conducted by the website also found that those studying environmental science had less than two sexual partners, the Daily Mail reported.

Undergraduates studying economics had an average of 4.88 sexual partners, followed by those studying social work, community care and counselling (4.7 partners).

Next were students of marketing (4.57 partners), while those studying leisure, hospitality, tourism and retail said they had 4.56 sexual partners on average since starting university.

Students of agriculture (4.44) came fifth in the table.

Other courses that made the top ten for sexual partners included engineering and sports science.

At the bottom of the list came those studying environmental sciences who reported having 1.71 sexual partners on average, while those studying Theology were second from bottom with 2.13 partners, the daily said.

A small minority of students - just nine percent - rated sex as the most important thing in their university life, compared to more than half (52 percent) who said friends were most important, the Mail reported.

Source: IANS

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