by Tanya Thomas on  February 10, 2011 at 9:40 AM Lifestyle News
 Eco-Friendly and Mind-Blowing: Floating Pyramids With Suspended Skyscrapers, Tree-towers
Floating pyramids filled with suspended skyscrapers, a 'solar valley' that has streetlights and swimming pools heated by the sun, buildings filled by tree towers, and houses floating on water-all these may sound like far-fetched things, but they are already here.

In Dezhou, the north of China, the country has created 'solar valley' with streetlights and swimming pools heated by the sun and 80 per cent of buildings with solar water heaters, reports the Daily Mail. Meanwhile in Taichung, Taiwan, a structure inspired by the shape of trees is set to start, and will feature solar power and rainwater recycling. It is planned to have house offices, restaurants, and a museum.

And in Tallinn, Estonia moves to 'wire the nation' mean free wireless connection in parks, museums, cafes and trains; inneapolis has 59 square miles of Internet connection, although users pay a fee for use in some areas.

Then, there are the extraordinary buildings planned by visionary architects who imagine a world filled by tree towers, floating pyramids filled with suspended skyscrapers and houses floating on water.

Some of the most astounding designs are planned for the Far East where Japan and China lead the field in modelling the mind-blowing aesthetics of the future.

Source: ANI

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