by Mary Selvaraj on  July 29, 2019 at 3:25 PM Tropical Disease News
Ebola-hit Congo Prefers Alternative Medicine as There is Panic to Vaccines
Ebola-hit Congo residents need to be informed about the advantage of vaccines to alternative medicine and alleviate their fear that vaccines would kill them. This mistrust of the government and suspicion about the vaccine needs to be eradicated. It is believed that vaccination will lead to difficulty in giving birth, and these are governmental schemes to exterminate the community.

This is the second-worst ebola epidemic in history. The current outbreak is in the democratic republic of congo that began in august 2018.

Since people see their relatives die of ebola in treatment centers, they think people are killed there. Hence people refuse to go to treatment centers.

WHO's strategic advisory decree suggests three levels of vaccination for the ebola epidemic using a wing strategy. In the first wing, vaccines are administered to anyone directly exposed a known case of ebola. In the second wing, vaccines for anyone exposed to someone from the first wing. WHO now included a third wing for those in contact with those from the second wing.

There is an aversion to vaccination due to community mistrust. People are being educated that the disease is real and vaccination is the only solution in order to be protected instead of going for alternative medicine and witch doctors.

The communities are refusing to let the health workers inside; hence, health workers are unable to gain access to provide treatment.

It is difficult to trace contacts and swiftly vaccinate them. Hence measures to blanket vaccinations targeting everyone in a location without looking for those with exposure.

Experts are advising smaller doses of vaccines so that they last longer. So far more than 1000 people have died from clinical ebola. There is more room for change at the community level. People need to be educated that ebola is real like a disease.

Ebola is now sweeping through central africa.

WHO has called for more help world wide.

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