by Savitha C Muppala on  August 21, 2010 at 7:20 PM Lifestyle News
 Eating With Fingers is Socially Acceptable Think One-third of Brits
A survey has shown that eating with fingers is okay socially with one-third of Brits.

The survey by Nestle Polo Mints found that one in six Britons even show appreciation for a good meal by licking the plate clean, and that 35 percent still save their favourite foods until last.

Empowering Better Health

"The way we eat and how we treat food can often give away more about us than a ten minute conversation," the Daily Mail quoted Body language expert Judi James as saying.

"Our subconscious food habits reveal our attitudes to everything from relationships to work, and define us as a nation," she said.

The research also found that plenty of culinary quirks are alive and well in Britain.

More than half lick ice creams in a circular motion and suck sweets instead of crunching them, while almost two-thirds will eat just one crisp at a time.

The researchers believe that this proves the country takes a delayed gratification approach to eating.

Source: ANI

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