Dutch Firm to Launch Sex Toys for the Middle-aged

by Gopalan on Sep 14 2008 10:45 PM

Dutch multinational Koninklijke Philips Electronics (Royal Philips Electronics) is to launch sex toys aimed at the middle-aged.

Jayson Otke, a Philips spokesman, said three new products will be called collectively the Intimate Massage Range, consisting of the Warm Intimate Massage, the Warm Massage and the Intimate Dual Massage.

He explained the products are designed to enhance couples' sexual well-being, and are specifically target the hitherto "neglected" group of sex toy users aged between 35 and 55.

"They are attractive to look at, targeted at the over-35 market, designed like beautiful stones with contours that vibrate and in a tasteful purple case," Otke said.

"You would not be embarrassed to leave the product in full view of the family. The products are marketed for couples, are non-penetrative, not phallic shaped and are not meant to replace the partner but to enhance the sex life of both partners."

Philips labels them "relationship care" gizmos, which kind of deflects attention away from the gadget details: multiple vibration modes (up to 120Hz) and intensities, a wireless charger base/storage case which avoids the need for battery replacements, they make a "soft purring sound," and are ergonomically designed.

The Warm Intimate Massager is around $140 in the UK, while Dual Massagers (his and hers) are $160 as is the unisex version.

The category is being launched following extensive market research. In the UK, research showed that 35% of adults would consider using an intimate accessory with their partner if it were designed for couples rather than being meant for individual use. Furthermore, studies showed these adults would be more likely to try such products if they could buy them through more accessible and – what consumers perceive to be – less embarrassing retail channels.

Philips’ new Relationship Care product category will form part of Philips’ Health & Wellness business unit within the company’s Consumer Lifestyle sector. The products are to be available throughout Europe next year.

The company, which employs 133,000 people in 60 countries and had a turnover of 27 billion euros (£21billion) in 2007, said it would launch the range in Selfridges and Boots stores.