by Lakshmi Gopal on  March 12, 2012 at 12:10 AM Health Insurance News
 Dubai Launches Electronic Portal for Health Insurance Claims
A portal for health insurance claims was officially launched in Dubai by Qadhi Saeed Al Murooshid, Director-General of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), reports the Khaleej Times.

The portal will, for a start, capture all insurance claims arising from the Government of Dubai Employee Health insurance program known as 'Enaya' and eventually, the system will roll out to all insurance plans in the Emirate. This means every insurance claim in Dubai will be registered electronically.

Al Murooshid said the website portal will be applicable for all hospitals and clinics in the Emirate. He reiterated that it was a significant step for the health sector in Dubai as online capturing of insurance claims has several benefits.

The online system is slated to provide data on every singe transaction in the health sector in the Emirate. This has several advantages - it gives the government an edge on running a successful health insurance system, it minimizes fraud and abuse by providers, and also gives the government, the ability to plan clinical capacity for Dubai, based on actual customer behaviour patterns and data.

It also translates into an impetus for investment in the health sector in Dubai because investors have a clear data on areas of high demand in the health sector in Dubai.

The system was a preparatory step towards the implementation of the mandatory health insurance scheme for the Emirate of Dubai, the Director-General added.

Source: Medindia

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