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Dual Lobe Liver Transplant Saves 31 Year-old Man
Dual lobe liver transplant was successfully done in Global hospital, Parel earlier at the break of the year.

Satish Sonawane (31), Jalgaon resident, owns a utensils shop in Jalgaon. He was an alcoholic and his health problems began in October. He had complaints of breathlessness due to the fluid accumulation in his lungs, abdomen and legs.

Dr.Samir Shah, liver specialist at Global Hospital said, "He was suffering from cirrhosis, which is the last stage of chronic progressive liver disease. It not only causes hypertension, nutritional deficiency, jaundice but also prevents the liver from functioning normally."

Sonawane registered for a cadaveric liver transplant, but his condition worsened, forcing doctors to opt for a donation from a relative. As liver is the only organ of the body that re-grows, patients are given a portion of the donor's liver that grows to full size in 4 to 8 weeks.

Usually, a recipient needs a liver donation weighing up to 1% of his body weight. Sonawane weighed 95kg and reduced it to 80kg. But both his uncle and sister, who were found to be his blood match, couldn't donate such huge portions of their livers. It was then decided to opt for a dual lobe liver transplant.

Nine liver transplant surgeons, five anaesthetists and 20 technicians conducted the 15 hour-long surgery where the right lobe was harvested from his sister and part of the left lobe from his uncle.

On Thursday, Satish, who was an alcoholic, said he would give up the habit. "Because of two of my family members, I have got a new lease of life and it would be shameful if I drink again," Sonawane said.

Liver transplant surgeon Dr Ravi Mohanka, who was part of the surgery team, said, "In cases like this where the small size of the donor's liver becomes a challenge, dual lobe liver transplant is useful. The success of this procedure is a breakthrough, for many more patients with liver failure can be offered a life saving transplant in future."

Source: Medindia

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