Drug That Could Lead To Cardiac Arrest Ultimately Caused Jackson's Death

by Aruna on Jul 21 2009 9:52 AM

According to reports, Michael Jackson had been popping a total of 55 different pills everyday in his final six months.

But an official announcement regarding the final toxicology reports is still to be made.

Drug Enforcement Agency officers found dozens of bottles, boxes and bags of pills while searching the property in Holmby Hills where Jackson died, reports the Daily Star.

Among other drugs they seized the highly dangerous surgical anesthetic Propofol, which is legally available only to hospital patients and is administered via intravenous injection.

Propofol comes under the list of drugs found under the trade name Diprivan.

According to experts, without proper monitoring, the drug could lead to cardiac arrest, which ultimately caused Jackson's death.

One LA-based doctor described the astonishing cache of drugs as a "guaranteed cocktail of death".

It included the potent painkillers Demerol and OxyContin.