by Tanya Thomas on  July 9, 2010 at 11:11 AM Alcohol & Drug Abuse News
 Drug Abuse Can Lower Your Libido
A Canadian study warns that 'recreational drugs' could reduce sexual performance.

The findings of the Concordia University study, which evaluated the effect of a wide range of drugs, including alcohol, on sexual behaviour, appear in the journal Hormones and Behaviour.

Concordia psychology researcher, Dr. James Pfaus, said: "We reviewed data from more than 100 different studies, including original data from our own studies, to systematically examine the effects of drugs on sexual performance.

"In addition, we evaluated the aphrodisiac claims of some of these pharmaceuticals. In this broad-based and wide-reaching study, it appears that drugs and sex don't mix well and there is no global love-potion."

Dr. Pfaus and his colleagues at Concordia's Center for Studies in Behavioral Neurobiology have been analysing the effects of aphrodisiacs on sexual behaviour for many years and narrowed their research to those studies involving animal models.

Dr. Pfaus said: "Only animal model studies can provide direct cause and effect data and physiological information."

They characterized the effect of two classes of drugs: stimulants, such as caffeine and cocaine, and depressants, such as morphine and alcohol.

The majority of these drugs decreased sexual performance, the researchers found.

Dr. Pfaus said: "Sex and drugs may enhance one another under some circumstances, but it is clear from the data that drug use debilitates sexual responding in the majority of situations."

Source: ANI

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