Driver Enjoying Oral Sex Crashes

by Gopalan on Oct 9 2009 9:04 AM

An Australian driver savouring oral sex crashed, but escaped with minor hip injuries. His passenger who was sending him to raptures suffered chest injuries, but nothing serious.

Police said the 33-year-old man and his female passenger were involved in ''amorous activities'' when he crashed his single cab Hilux ute on Pioneer Drive in Humpty Doo about 11.30pm last night.

The incident could have had ''devastating consequences,'' it was pointed out.

Police Duty Superintendent John Emeny said the driver had been distracted by the female passenger and veered into a concrete drain on the opposite side of the road, Northern Territory News reported.

''It is believed that the driver and his passenger were engaged in amorous activities at the time of the accident,'' he said.

''Whilst there may be a humorous element to this incident there is also a very serious one and that is the devastating consequences that can result from inattentive driving.''

The vehicle was extensively damaged and had to be towed from the scene.

The driver has since been charged with drink driving, driving without due care and unlicenced driving.