Drinking Water Keeps Blood Pressure in Check

by Tanya Thomas on Jul 9 2010 11:12 AM

 Drinking Water Keeps Blood Pressure in Check
The benefits of drinking water is not just quenching thirst - it can keep you alert and regulate your blood pressure too, says a new study.
David Robertson, and colleagues at Vanderbilt University Medical Center first observed this property about 10 years ago, in patients who had lost their baroreflexes - the system that keeps blood pressure within a normal range.

Water increases the activity of the sympathetic - fight or flight - nervous system, which raises alertness, blood pressure and energy expenditure.

American Red Cross found in a study, that drinking 16 ounces of water before blood donation reduced the fainting response by 20 percent.

And because it raises sympathetic nervous system activity - and consequently energy expenditure - it does promote weight loss, Robertson said.

The study is reported in the June issue of the journal Hypertension.