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 Drink Herbal Tea To Lose Weight, Chinese Researchers Say
Drink herbal tea to lose weight, Chinese researchers say. Some teas can tone up the spleen and promote urination, thus strengthening metabolism.

   Though eating too much is a direct cause of overweight for most people, a poor digestive and metabolism system can also result in excess weight, it is pointed out..

    Reserchers hold that the spleen is responsible for sending nutrients from the stomach to all the organs, and also for expelling excess fluid. If the spleen doesn't function well, excess fluid will collect and turn into fat. Fat collects not only on muscles, destroying a nice figure, but also on organs and in the blood, which can cause health problems.

    Pathogenic dampness and stagnant water is usually what bothers the spleen, according to scientists working on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Therefore, foods that help the spleen while promoting urination will help prevent fat gathering and promote dispelling it through metabolism.

    Tea is one of the best choices. Most teas can help promote urination while some teas can even help prevent sugar and fat absorption, such as famous Pu'er and Oolong teas.

Shanghai Daily dwells at length on lotus leaf tea. It has long been recommended as a slimming drug in China.

"Lotus flowers, leaves and seeds can all help promote urination and move the bowels, thus helping lose weight and dispelling excess fat as recorded in many herbal classics including "Bencao Gangmu" ("Compendium of Materia Medica") by herbalist Li Shizhen in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

It is especially recommended for those who gain weight from eating too much fatty and greasy foods.

The first-poured strong tea usually has the best function, with its effects decreasing sharply if it is poured a second time. You don't have to cook the tea; just pour boiling water in a mug with a tea bag and cover for about five to six minutes. It is suggested you drink three to four cups of lotus leaf tea six times a day, each time using one fresh lotus leaf tea bag. It is better to drink on an empty stomach. And you don't have to go on a diet, as most people will naturally find themselves less attracted by greasy foods after drinking it for a while. Drinking four cups of lotus leaf tea a day can also help relieve constipation, which will help lose weight more efficiently."

A few other recipes were also given by the newspaper.

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