by Rajashri on  September 29, 2008 at 3:33 PM Lifestyle News
 Drink Called 'Cocaine' may Soon Hit Shops Down Under
A plan to release a caffeine-laden 'glamorous' soft drink called Cocaine in Australia has been severely criticised by consumer and drug research groups.

Max Howard, Queensland Consumer Association state secretary, said that he found the "trivializing" of the illicit drug unethical.

Howard also said that he would seek advice from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission as to whether the beverage can be marketed Down Under.

"Calling a drink Cocaine is just wrong," quoted Howard, as saying.

The drink's Australian version won't be as strong as in Britain and the US, where it has been a hit, in part because it has 3 1/2 times the caffeine of other "energy" drinks such as Red Bull.

It won't have the 280mg jolt available overseas because Australian restrictions limit caffeine to 80mg per 250ml serve.

Jamey Kirkby, president of Cocaine manufacturer Redux Beverages, said that can't understand the fuss.

"I think that it is a silly proposition to think a soda pop . . . is going to lead anyone to do drugs. We hope that our drink will take some mystery and intrigue away from the drug," he said.

Paul Dillon, from Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia, said: "This reinforces what many young people tell us . . . on the image of cocaine - that it's a soft drug that's glamorous."

The drink is due to hit the Australian market in November.

Source: ANI

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