by Tanya Thomas on  July 18, 2009 at 11:01 AM Lifestyle News
 Down's Syndrome Virgin Man Turns Down Sex Offers...After Scouting For Them
A man suffering from Down's syndrome has decided to remain celibate and wait for Ms. Right to deflower him. And this after he scouted and received several offers for sex when his mother had launched a campaign to find a woman to take his virginity.

Otto Baxter, 21, made headlines around the world when his mother Lucy, 50, said that she was even willing to hire a prostitute to fulfil his wish.

But despite numerous offers, including a chance to sleep with Australian sex worker and campaigner Rachel Wotton, he has told his mum that he wants to wait for Miss Right.

"Since Otto was in the news he has literally been flooded with offers from women but even though he has been tempted he has never gone through with it," the Telegraph quoted his mom as saying.

"He says to me that he wants to wait for the right girl which I think is fantastic. He has come to a mature decision and I am very proud of him for that.

"Someone claiming to be from Zoo magazine also called up and said they would be willing to put up the money for Otto to lose his virginity. Otto declined," she said.

Lucy, who adopted Baxter from birth, said that he almost popped his cherry when Rachel Wotton, 32, a prostitute who specialises in providing sex for disabled people, visited their home in Abingdon, Oxon, in May.

"A production company contacted us and said they wanted to talk to us with Rachel about the sex industry and people with disabilities," she revealed.

"Otto was besotted with Rachel, she was very beautiful and dynamic and he could have easily made arrangements with her to have sex, but he didn't.

"He decided that if he did get a girlfriend and they had done something similar he wouldn't like that at all, so he didn't," she added.

Baxter will be appearing in Love, Lust and Las Vegas at 9pm on BBC Three on July 21.

Source: ANI

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