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 Don't Sweat: Perspiration Doesn't Flush Out Toxins
Hot springs, sweat lodges, and pricey spas around the world are becoming increasingly popular as they offer "sweat wraps" and other techniques claimed to detoxify and purify the body. However, experts have challenged the idea that human body can sweat out toxins.

According to Live Science, sweating is the body's method of regulating its temperature.

Because humans are warm-blooded, our bodies need a way to control excess heat.

When the body gets too hot, it releases water via sweat glands, which in turn cools the skin and body through evaporation.

Experts say that organs such as the liver help the body collect and get rid of toxins, and sweat glands do not.

As the sweat is mostly water with some dissolved minerals and urea, the belief that sweat glands expel toxics is false.

Sweating will make people cooler but won't cleanse or purify the body. Human physiology simply does not work that way.

Moreover trying to sweat out toxics can do more harm than good and can even kill you.

For instance, James Arthur Ray, a New Age motivational speaker has been charged for manslaughter, which happened due to his actions during an Oct. 8, 2009 sweat lodge ceremony.

He told participants - who paid over 9,000 dollars to attend - that it would be an intense, transformational experience.

While for some, it was life-changing; for some it was life-ending. Three people died in the sweat lodge, 18 were hospitalized, and more were sickened.

Source: ANI

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