by Tanya Thomas on  June 19, 2009 at 10:52 AM Lifestyle News
 Does The Car Maketh The Man? Too Bad It Doesn't!
If you thought zipping past in on your flashy wheels could pick up the sexy gal - here's a reality check. It doesn't work!

In fact, if a man is good looking then he requires no moolah to attract the opposite sex.

The surprising findings, commissioned by SBS TV show Top Gear Australia, showed that a man having a mid-life crisis did not impress the ladies with his expensive Porsche, unless he was accompanied by a beautiful young woman.

To reach the conclusion, researchers measured changes in the brain responses of women towards a range of men depending on the car they drove, reports

The study tested the reactions to a luxury sports car, a ute, a 4WD, a hotted-up street car and a vintage classic.

The study found that the attractiveness of the 'average Joe' family man improved dramatically in almost any of the cars, whereas the 'good-looking surfer' remained very attractive to women even without a vehicle.

The experiment, conducted by Neuro Insight, aimed to explore the argument, "does the car maketh the man''.

"Pretty much every car made the family guy look better'', Peter Pynta from Neuro Insight said.

"If you're a good looking bloke, don't even worry about it,'' he said.

Source: ANI

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