Doctors Working to Cure Rare Genetic Disorder

by Thilaka Ravi on Jul 14 2008 2:48 PM

Doctors Working to Cure Rare Genetic Disorder
Fourteen-year-old Rebati Kahara from Boudh district in Orissa, is suffering from a rare genetic disorder that has distorted her face, triggered excessive hair growth all over the body and left her with a swollen mouth.
Doctors at the SCB Medical College and Hospital, Cuttack, are working to cure the tribal girl with this genetic disorder that is termed as "rarest of rare" in medical science.

A group of doctors brought Rebati from her native village Khalisahi to the medical college hospital. Several surgeries were performed. According to the doctors attending her, Rebati still has to undergo a few more surgeries before she is completely cured of the genetic disorder.

Dr S.K. Narendra, one of the doctors attending her, said, "In medical terms, Rebati’s deformity is known as idiopathic gingival enlargement with hypertrichosis. It is a genetic deformity that has distorted her face. We have already started her treatment and she will be perfectly fine within a month."

The SCB Medical College and Hospital administration has decided to bear all expenses of her treatment. "We came to know about the case from the media and decided to take it up as it was quite challenging," superintendent of the college said.


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