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 Doctors Urge to Lower Drink Drive Limit to Save Lives
Lowering the drink drive limit will save lives, Northern Ireland doctors said.

The BMA's statement comes amid reports that the Republic of Ireland will move to cut the drink drive limit.

Fermanagh GP and member of the BMA's GP committee Dr John Porteous said,

"It has been estimated that there would be 8 fewer deaths on our roads in Northern Ireland by lowering blood alcohol levels to 50mg from the current level of 80mg.

"We believe that this move will further deter those who think its ok to have a drink then get behind the wheel.

"In reality, there is no such thing as a safe limit, and doctors across the province urge everyone not to drink and drive".

Road safety campaigner Dr Porteous continued,

"Ensuring that the drink drive limit is the same north and south of the border will greatly assist in enforcing the 'don't drink and drive' message.

"Environment Minister Edwin Poots has already undertaken a lot of work in terms of looking at the issues of drink driving - we urge him to take action now to lower the drink drive limit to make Northern Ireland's roads safer for all".

Source: BMA

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