by Rukmani Krishna on  October 3, 2013 at 11:50 PM General Health News
 Doctors: Main Cause for Blindness Is Glaucoma
Doctors in the national capital said that glaucoma has emerged in recent times as one of the most corroborating factors for blindness among patients.

It originates in the form of minor retinal disease and later because of late detection develops into glaucoma and leads to blindness.

"The Indian subcontinent is home to 12 million glaucoma and retinal disease patients. It is also on the verge of notching the top position for the maximum number of patients of glaucoma and retinal diseases," said Devinder Sood, director of Eye-Q Institute of Glaucoma, inaugurated here Wednesday.

The World Retina Week is being observed Sep 23-29.

According to WHO statistics, the prevalence of glaucoma in India is 2.6 percent.

Glaucoma is an eye condition where the optic nerve (nerve that carries information from our eyes to the brain) gets damaged usually due to raised pressure inside eyes.

"What makes glaucoma dreadful among many other eye diseases is its covertness," said Ajay Sharma, former opthalmologist from the All India Institute of Medical Science and chairman and managing director of Eye-Q.

"By the time people realise they are losing vision, most of the damage has already been caused," Sharma added.

Doctors suggest regular check-up to keep a tab on the disease.

"People staying in cities who rush to the doctor for every reason forget to do an eye check-up in months, which might prevent them from being aware of the eye disorders, which some time may lead to glaucoma," Sharma added.

Source: IANS

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