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 Doctors in Need of Training in Asthma Care
Doctors in Wales feel the need to improve their knowledge of asthma, discloses a survey conducted by Asthma UK Cymru and the Primary Care Respiratory Society UK (PRCS).

Among the 1000 doctors who were involved in the research study, 50 were from Wales. BMA Wales has claimed that awareness of and the quality in asthma care among GPs has improved to a large extent in the past ten years and Dr David Bailey, chairman of the British Medical Association's GPs committee GPC Wales says that this improvement has taken place because of the NHS's Quality and Outcomes Framework which is a voluntary annual reward and incentive programme for all GP surgeries, and also, regular updates on guidelines from the British Thorassic Society.

Dr. Bailey also claimed, "GPs are trying to provide best quality care across a whole variety of fields. If they were too busy training to see patients, the quality of care would fall. There's only so much you can do in addition to the work you already do. It's a tightrope we all have to walk."

Nevertheless, Asthma UK Cymru's national director, John Mathias reported that asthma training is not being given due priority according to the study that has been published to focus on World Asthma Day, 2011.  

A separate PRCS survey disclosed that 50 per cent of the GPs answered questions on British clinical guidelines for asthma incorrectly. Yet, asthma, a condition that affects the airways, sometimes fatally, leads to around 4,000 people being hospitalized in Wales every year. Wales has the highest levels of asthma in adults and the fourth highest levels in children in the world.

 Professionals trained in asthma management are more successful in their treatment strategies.  Hence, the conclusion drawn is that medical education and training in Wales need to prioritize asthma education.

Asthma UK Cymru has planned on different ways to help GPs to improve their practices in asthma care. It is encouraging GP surgeries to order a copy of its Guide to Good Asthma Care for Adults and Children with Asthma. It has called for everyone connected to asthma care to be correctly trained. It has planned to initiate a Get It Off Your Chest campaign to make people feel more uninhibited to speak about their condition and its effects on them. 



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