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 Doctors Confirm Falak Fit to be Discharged
Doctors have confirmed that Falak, the two-year-old battered baby at the AIIMS Trauma Centre, is fit to be discharged.

"Falak is fit to be discharged and she needs to be moved out of hospital as soon as possible, or else there are chances for her to get hospital-based infections," Deepak Agrawal, assistant professor (neurosurgery) at the AIIMS Trauma Centre, told IANS.

"Even if she is discharged, she will need intensive cognitive rehabilitation," Agrawal said.

Falak was admitted to the AIIMS Jan 18 with a fractured skull, bruises and human bite marks all over her body. A teenager, claiming to be her mother, got her admitted to the hospital.

Undergoing five life-saving surgeries and surviving two heart attacks, Falak is called by doctors a miracle baby and an exceptional case in medical history.

"Falak is definitely a miracle baby who underwent so much in the past 50 days, battling with several injuries she survived two heart attacks. She is an exceptional case and only one in a lakh can survive, as even adults succumb to heart attack after trauma. We are happy to say that she is fit to be discharged," Agrawal said.

According to doctors, Falak had her first heart attack Jan 20 and the second one the next day.

"Even though she was in a very bad shape when she was admitted with severe head injury and bite marks, she was not malnourished and appeared to be well fed. Her strong immune system played a vital role in her survival," Agrawal added.

Agrawal, with a team of 10 resident doctors, has been closely monitoring the health condition of Falak for the past 50 days.

Source: IANS

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