by Kathy Jones on  June 21, 2010 at 9:16 PM Heart Disease News
 Doctors can Save Lives Using Computerised Monitoring Systems
It has emerged that special heart implants are saving lives by alerting doctors before a patient's condition becomes critical.

Automatic transmission of information takes place via a wireless modem in the patient's room from an electrocardiograph unit fitted under the skin.

The device collects data from the patient's pacemaker or defibrillator and alerts doctors, who may be hundreds of miles away, if problems develop.

This allows doctors to constantly monitor the patient's condition and order treatments before sufferers realise they are in any danger.

"It functions just like a home computer system," The Daily Express quoted Martin Lowe, a consultant cardiologist at the Harley Street Clinic, in London, as saying.

He added: "It gives us vital early warning and can be life-saving.

"We have had cases where the battery on someone's pacemaker has run down and we were alerted before the patient was in trouble.

"Without this system, his heart could have stopped."

Source: ANI

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