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 Docs Warn Brit Teen Over His Gaming Marathon Habit
A British teenager has been warned by doctors that his daily 15 hours binge on video games could seriously damage his health.

Doctors fear console addict Zach Richardson could be doing himself serious harm as he stays glued to a tiny TV set seven days a week.

Unemployed Zach, 17, plays favourites Call of Duty and FIFA on his Xbox for up to ten hours at a time.

He even plays football manager games on his PC at the same time and is so hooked he often doesn't wash.

Richardson's gaming marathon begins at 9am each day, he skips lunch and finally relinquishes the controllers and turns in during the early hours of the morning. e is wracked by headaches and blackouts which doctors blame on his addiction.

"I left school more than a year ago and had nothing to do, so I turned to video games to fill the days while I searched for a job," the Sun quoted Richardson as saying.

"It started off slowly. I only spent two or three hours a day playing. It was just for a bit of fun.

"Now it has got out of control and I know I have an addiction but I cannot help it. I know I need help to kick the habit."

"It is really distressing but I just cannot help it," Richardson added.

Source: ANI

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