Do Not Let Depression Take Over Your Life

by Savitha C Muppala on Oct 21 2013 11:43 PM

 Do Not Let Depression Take Over Your Life
There are many situations in life that trigger waves of unhappiness or blues. Some of us move on positively, whereas there are others who can get stuck in a vortex of negative thoughts that causes them to feel low, depressed and beaten.
When such a state of mood exists for a long time, it can have physiological effects too. People who feel low are unable to concentrate, have trouble sleeping and feel discouraged most of the time.

According to a Birmingham mental health expert, negative feelings are a form of depression and should be addressed.

“I think depression is a spectrum, and full-on depression is when you experience things like impaired appetite, disrupted sleep, lack of concentration and ruminative thoughts. Feelings of discouragement or the blues are on that continuum, and I think it is important to be attentive to those feelings,” said Diane Tucker, Ph.D., professor of psychology.

Tucker also added that it is at this time that one should reach out to friends rather than withdrawing into a shell. Close pals can assist in providing a feedback and also help in bringing out the best in victims.

“With the blues, we lose perspective or it becomes distorted — people go over and over the things they’re unhappy with, and they get psychologically stuck. The challenge is to move beyond where you’re stuck. Things that can help include writing in a journal, doing activities that give you satisfaction, exercising and being with friends.”

Exercising, cooking, reading and gardening are some of the activities to engage in to beat the blues.