Do not Aspire to Lose Weight Soon After Child-Birth

Do not Aspire to Lose Weight Soon After Child-Birth
It is not healthy to lose weight soon after giving birth, says nutritionist, Sarah Keogh. Irish mothers are being advised about the pitfalls of following celebrity trends, and aspiring for an hour glass figure soon after child birth, which can have serious effects on the health of the mother and the child.
Infact, she advises, that the months following the baby’s birth, is a time for building nutrition levels in both the mother and the baby. A diet during this time could actually cause a setback to future weight maintenance and depleting the body of essential nutrients that can cause irreparable damage to both the mother and her baby. Ideally the mother’s body should be given ample time to recoup, and after regaining energy, she could consider the option of a healthy diet coupled with physical exercise to get back into shape.

Many new mothers are being told not to bottle feed because it will ruin breastfeeding, but an increasing number are being left with babies so dehydrated they need emergency hospital care.

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