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Divorce has Adverse Effects on Physical and Mental Health
New study found that recent divorcees' mental and physical health was worse than that of the background population and that greater levels of conflict predicted worse mental health, despite other factors. Understanding these effects could help researchers design interventions that help divorcees get back on their feet and avoid long-term repercussions. The findings of the study are published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology.

Researchers have been examining the physical and mental and effects of divorce but may have missed an opportunity to characterize these effects, until now accurately.

Divorce is often a protracted process, with several countries requiring a separation period before couples could apply for divorce. However, a long separation may provide psychological wounds to heal, and evaluating divorcees after such a period may underestimate their impact.

This gave Hald and colleagues, including Dr. Søren Sander of the University of Copenhagen, to get 'real-time' data on 1,856 very recent divorcees, who finished questionnaires about their background, health, and their divorce.

Unsurprisingly, the study revealed that a recent divorce takes an emotional and physical toll. "The physical and mental health of divorcees was significantly worse compared to the comparative background population quickly the following divorce," stated Sander.

In another recent study, the researchers developed an online digital solution called 'Cooperation After Divorce' that significantly reduces such adverse mental and physical health effects. The results of this latest study will help them to refine such approaches in the future.

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