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 Disgraced IMF Chief Strauss-Kahn Has an Aphrodisiac Drink Named After Him
French night clubs will soon sell a fizzy drink, which carries the initials of disgraced IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn and reportedly has aphrodisiac qualities.

According to its designer Stephane Briault, the Drink Safran Kiwi (DSK, or Saffron Kiwi Drink), will be sold in Paris and the French Riviera, and is geared towards "the in-crowd, night clubbers" who will mix it with a hard drink.

Briault came up with the idea for a "natural, pasteurised drink without colouring or preservatives" in his contacts with saffron producer Patrice Guillard from the Cher region in central France.

"Since ancient times, saffron is known for its many benefits," quoted Briault as saying.

"It's an anti-depressant, has the reputation of being fun and bringing wisdom, is good for the liver, lowers blood pressure, stimulates respiration and is believed to be an aphrodisiac for women," he said.

Briault and Guillard had started out with the idea of a saffron-based soda but needed a fruit to go with it.

"Kiwi has interesting benefits, it's an antioxidant," believed to slow the natural ageing process, Briault said.

"But then we needed a name. Saffron Drink' didn't sound very sexy", so we thought of 'Drink Safran Kiwi' which could be shortened to 'DSK.'

"We asked ourselves if that wasn't too brazen," given the connection with Strauss-Kahn, once considered a favourite for the French presidency who has been caught up in a string of lurid sex scandals. But people will remember it more easily," he added.

Briault also claimed that saffron alleviates the negative effects of alcohol.

Canvassing in Paris and Riviera clubs has started with 10,000 bottles of the drink.

Source: ANI

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