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 Diet Secret
Keeping your weight loss plan a secret could be the key to successful accomplishment of your goal, reveals study.

A study from New York University revealed that those who shared details of their regimes with family and friends were less likely to meet their goals.

According to the researchers, positive recognition people get when they discuss their diet can be interpreted as accomplishment, as a result of which dieters are less likely to stick to their plan as strictly as before.

"The danger is that you feel that you have already reached the goal and because of that you don't have to act on it any more," the Daily Mail quoted Professor of psychology Dr Peter Gollwitzer, who lead the study, as telling CNN.

He gave tips to dieters, which could help them in following their weight loss regime successfully.

"One is simple - you can keep your mouth shut."

"Another one is to form different kinds of intentions, not only say what you want to do but also when, where and how you want to do it."

He said that by describing our objective, we mentally map out our future, so are more likely to follow through.

The third solution, he continued, was to only share your weight-loss plan with a trusted few, who can help you keep on course.

Tara Harwood, a registered dietician echoed his advice.

"You have to be very particular on who you choose. Make sure they are people who are going to encourage you and not hinder you and your success," she told Fox News.

"So, you do want to tell some people, however, for the most part keep it to yourself and let other people gradually notice these changes in you," she added.

Source: ANI

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