Did "Migraine" Force Sehwag to Leave Vadodara?

by Hannah Punitha on Sep 27 2008 4:03 PM

Amidst wild speculations that Sehwag protested against the poor accommodation for the Delhi team and was bitter about the abusive Munaf, the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) Sports secretary Sunil Dev said Sehwag returned with him on Friday night due to migraine and nothing else.

Sehwag's sudden return led to fiery rumors in Vadodara with some claiming that the flamboyant batting maestro and Delhi captain left in a jiffy as he was upset that the Delhi team were not accommodated in the same hotel where Rest Of India players were staying.

Mr Sunil Dev of DDCA however insisted that Sehwag returned purely on health grounds as he was feeling the pain throughout the match and it was severe yesterday. He also added that since Sehwag was already out in the second innings he could return earlier along with him.