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 Diabetics can Manage Their Condition on iPhone
A device that can easily be plugged straight into an Apple iPhone can help diabetics easily manage their condition.

The glucose monitor, pegged at 48 pounds, allows patients to check their blood sugar levels at any time using the phone.

The iBGStar device, which attaches to an Apple iPhone or iPod touch, comes with a free Diabetes Manager App that makes it possible to store, track and analyse medical data.

Accurate monitoring of blood glucose is essential to the management of diabetes, which affects 2.9million people in the UK.

It is especially important for those with Type-1 diabetes, an auto-immune disease that can lead to dangerous rises in blood sugar levels.

High blood sugar can lead to serious complications including damage to the heart, kidneys, nerves and eyes.

Traditional blood glucose monitors are palm-sized devices that test tiny drops of blood obtained by pricking the skin.

iBGStar, available in Boots, works in the same way but is just one inch long and plugs straight into an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Software carries out the analysis and flashes the results on to the screen.

It also allows users to follow changing trends and variations, and factors in information such as carbohydrate intake, insulin injections and exercise.

"Good blood glucose control is vital to reducing the long-term effects of diabetes, but it can be difficult and demanding to achieve," the Daily Mail quoted Sarah Johnson, from the type-1 diabetes research charity JDRF, as saying.

"As such, we welcome all developments in technology that can help people with type-1 and type-2 diabetes take control of their condition," Johnson said.

Dr Andrew Hockey, medical director for diabetes at the pharmaceutical company Sanofi, which produces the iBGStar, said the device was a 'huge step forward'.

'It harnesses the power of the latest technology to empower people with diabetes to manage their condition on a day-to-day basis," dr Hockey added.

Source: ANI

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